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Carbon peel is a revolutionary laser treatment that is completely painless. It is highly beneficial for people with oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, dull skin, and acne. It is also an excellent way to exfoliate and refresh your skin, providing an instant refreshed appearance and leaving skin feeling softer, smoother and firmer.

A layer of liquid carbon is applied to the skin, where it penetrates deep into the pores. Laser light is highly attracted to the carbon particles. When the laser is passed over the area, it destroys the carbon, taking dead skin cells, contaminants and oil with it. This treatment provides several benefits.


Carbon has the ability to absorb oil and contaminants from deep within the pores. When the laser is passed over the treatment area it targets and destroys the carbon particles, taking any absorbed material with it.


As the carbon is targeted by the laser, it blasts away dead skin cells, blackheads and effectively exfoliates the skin. The result is softer, radiant skin with reduced pore size and a more even skin tone.


Carbon peels also target the deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production, which in turn produces firmer, plumper skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves skin feeling tighter and glowing.


The heat produced by carbon peels has additional benefits. It reduces the P.Acnes bacteria responsible for acne, allowing for better management of pimples and outbreaks, and it also shrinks sebaceous glands (oil producing glands), resulting in less oil production, and therefore reducing congestion building up in the pores.

As with all skin treatments, carbon peels should be supplemented by a good skin-care routine, and daily use of a high-spectrum sunscreen. Noticeable results can be experienced after a single treatment, but for maximum long-term results we recommend regular treatments.

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How does it work?

The procedure takes about 30 minutes. You’ll see both immediate and long-term results, and it can help to eliminate pigment changes, enlarged pores, acne scars and more.


We will start by adding a carbon solution to your skin. Once applied, it looks a bit like you’re wearing a mud mask. From there, we will begin applying laser energy to your skin using a laser handpiece. You might hear a soft snapping sound or feel a light tingling.


The laser treatment itself is fairly gentle, so we’ll need to make three passes over your skin to get the best possible results. As the laser passes over your skin, the carbon on the surface will absorb the heat and pass it to your skin below. This results in the top layer of your skin being exfoliated.


The laser energy works to break up any pigment, which is carried away by your body. It also helps to stimulate the buildup of collagen, which can help you minimise those fine lines.


How long until results are visible?

This peel is most effective for dealing with a number of skin problems including acne and enlarged pores. It has the power to improve skin tone, texture, and elasticity. It can even reverse the sun damage you may suffer with, as well as scars from past acne, troublesome age spots, or any pigment problems you aren’t happy with, like freckles and blotches.

After one session your skin will feel plumper and the skin will feel more supported as well as a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As the collagen production is always breaking down more than one treatment will be needed to achieve desired results.
While laser treatments are considered to be long-lasting, they are not permanent. Patients can help maintain their new appearance by carefully following the post-care instructions and by avoiding prolonged sun exposure.

How many treatments are necessary?

A course of 3 - 6 treatments is usually recommended to achieve the best results, which will be completed every 2 - 4 weeks apart.

Can laser treatments be combined with other procedures?

Although laser technology can be very effective treatment for fine lines, age spots, and other skin imperfections, many people often wonder if they can be commander with other cosmetic procedures for a more comprehensive result. The answer is yes, laser treatments work very well in combination with things like Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels, and microdermabrasion to help enhance your smooth, youthful look.