The hair strokes effect brow technique is used to mimic natural hairs. Tiny hair strokes of pigment are implanted under the skin to create a natural looking brow. This is an ideal treatment for people who have experiences hair loss and don’t want a really obvious made up brow. The colour will be custom blended to compliment your skin tone and hair colour. The hair strokes effect offers a softer, natural looking alternative ton the powdered brow.


This is the ultimate brow treatment. It offers the best of both hair strokes and manual shading combined together to achieve a beautifully natural yet defined brow. Hair strokes are also added around the outer line of the arch to soften the shaded tails. If you want the ultimate brow style, then the Combination Brow will suit you!


This technique mimics the effect you achieve when you use a brow powder or pencil. This is a method, which is darker and dense at the lower part of the brows and gradually lightens to a powdery effect towards the front and tops of the brows. The pigment lasts longer when applied in this manner, as it is deeper in the skin.


A step by step guide

Before any procedure can be done, it’s important to have a consultation on the day of your appointment, so that we can discuss what’s involved and the style and shape you’re looking to achieve. 

I’ll perform a full skin tone analysis and determine what pigments to use to achieve your desired brows, taking your hair colour into consideration. 



I’ll use a guide colour pencil to draw on the shape of your new brows, using calipers to perfect your measurements. You’ll be able to confirm that the shape and style is correct before I proceed. A topical anesthetic is the applied to the brow area, to minimize discomfort. 

The procedure takes between 60 - 90 minutes. You may feel a little scratchy sensation but this will be short lived as the anesthetic starts to do its job. I will then check your brows for any final adjustments. After care is the applied. 

You will need to have a top up appointment to check the shape and colour of the healed brow and take care of any adjustment. This takes place only when skin had healed, usually 6 weeks from the initial procedure. Enjoy your brows!



The absolute best results come from keeping your brows extremely dry for the next 7 days! Keeping them dry makes them retain more detail and better colour.

  • Keep your face directly out of the shower stream and do your best to carefully wash hair and keep face as dry as possible. Keep clean, dry paper towels on hand to pat dry if they accidentally get moist. Also keep showers brief, as too much steam can harm brows as well.

  • When washing your face, be sure not to splash water onto your face like we normally do. Instead use a washcloth or disposable cleansing wipe to wash around the brows, making sure they stay dry.

  • If your skin starts to feel tight and dry around day 7-post treatment, you can use a small amount of Coconut Oil or a fragrance-free moisturiser if needed to gently moisturise the area once a day. Do not apply any cosmetics on your brows for at least 7 days.

  • No heavy exercising or sweating for at least 3 days post-procedure. If you want the best colour and detail retention, this is crucial.

  • After 7 days please begin to wash your face normally, including your brows with a gentle face wash.


  • Do not touch the healing pigmented area with your fingers. They may have bacteria on the them and create infection.

  • Apply a very thin coat of Aquaphor, Vaseline or Bacitracin (if not allergic) 2-3 times/day when needed (i.e. when it feels dry) for 7-10 days. Discontinue after peeling has completed. 

  • To clean, always use a clean q-tip and with it dry, wipe off the existing ointment that are on your brows, dampen another q-tip and with just a little bit of water and gently wipe clean. Pat dry with a clean/dry tissue and reapply the ointment.

  • For the first 24 hours, avoid any contact with water.

  • If slight crust appears on the pigmented surface, do not force removal by picking or scratching! You will remove pigment along with the crusting and create potential for scarring.

  • After 24 hours, you may use a gentle cleanser with your fingertips to wash the area, pat the area dry with a clean towel or tissue. DO NOT SCRUB OR RUB FORCEFULLY.

  • The procedure may have some peeling on or around the third day. This is a normal part of the healing process on some clients.

  • Do not apply makeup over healing areas.

  • Avoid excessive sweating/exercise, sun, saunas, and swimming (including chlorinated pools or jacuzzis)

  • Avoid facials 6 weeks after your procedure.

  • Use a broad spectrum sunblock after area has healed to slow fading.

  • Avoid products containing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E during the healing time.



Permanent Brow results are contingent on the following factors: post procedure aftercare, skin type (dry, oily, sun-damaged, thick or thin skin), individual pH balance of your skin, and lifestyle preferences (e.g. exercise, alcohol consumption and smoking).


  • Following the treatment, swelling and redness of the skin is completely normal and will subside within 1-2 days.

  • Brand new pigment may appear dark and much thicker than expected, while others might seem exceedingly bright (for blondes and redheads), which can appear shocking at first, but be aware that this is to be expected.

  • During the healing phase, the area and top layer starts to scab and slough off in certain places. This process is called shedding. Comparatively, these sections may appear extremely light next to the non-shedded segments. Don’t worry, this pigment will eventually soften and settle into the appropriate shade when shedding is complete and pigment resurfaces.


  • Brows will appear 20% to 30% lighter within 7-10 days.

  • In total, it should take about 4 weeks for your new eyebrows to shed completely and the pigment to resurface to its true colour.

  • Some skin types retain colour better than others, so we cannot guarantee a precise effect or colour. We include a complimentary and optional touch-up session, in anticipation of individual healing results, and in turn, individual enhancements needed to your perfect brow.








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